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Specialty Cocktails

Bushwacker 10Frozen Mojito 9Twisted Margarita (House Marg swirled with Sangria) 9Margarita Bellini (House Marg blended with Prosecco..Peach or Strawberry) 9Patron Cafe & Bailey 9Mimosa (Orange, Cranberry, Grapefruit) 6Bloody Mary (Vodka) / Bloody Maria (Tequila) / Michelada (Beer) 8Pina Colada 8Black Barrel Old Fashioned (Whiskey Aged Tequila with bitters and Fruit) 9Vodka Rita (House Rita but made with Vodka) 8Muleta (Vodka, Spicy Ginger ale and Lime Juice) 8Tostada's Punch (Rum, Lemonade, Grenadine, Coconut Rum) 9

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